Scravant™ ∞


Scravant™ ∞ offers you a whole new definition of VR glasses, ultra-light and easy to wear just like a pair of sunglasses, only more powerful and high-tech. ∞ runs Scravant’s own operating system and allows touch control, making the experience even more amazing!

Compatible with most VR Platforms*

High Spec,
high performance,
higher performance-price ratio

X1 is equipped with a highly integrated quad-core 64-bit main control chip of high performance and low power consumption, which consists of CPU Cortex™-A53 and GPU PowerVR G6230. It runs a deeply customized Android system that is smooth and power efficient. The AMOLED display presents stunning images right before your eyes and a high capacity 3000mAh battery to ensure wonders keep going.

Full immersion, more than a bit better

The high precision nine-axis sensor works in combination with the space-time predictive algorithm to accomplish 360-degree head tracking, while the bionic lenses collaborate with physical hardware to achieve a wide FOV of 90 degrees. With this deep cooperation between and optimization of software and hardware, X1 is capable of rendering realistic images in a wide FOV with low latency and no distortion, to get you fully immersed in visual experience.

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