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Scravant is a membership marketplace that offers exclusive pricing on VR tech and software services to our members with exclusive deals we offer from a range of digital games and softwares to VR tech.

Build your reality.

Expand with the virtual universe. Discover the world's first VR system with a suite of modular options. Go beyond what you thought possible. This is only the beginning.
Versatile Compatibility

Enhance your headset experience, stay compatible with your current setup and gain future upgradability.

UX Design

A crown fit makes putting on the headset quick and easy. Suits a wide range of face shapes, vision types, and even fits over glasses.

Motion Faceplate

Expand your range of motion with six camera sensors. Get accurate inside-out tracking with wide FOV & 6DoF support.

Untethered VR

Remove cords from the equation. Move freely. Get powerful visual and audio transmission at 60GHz. Featuring Intel ® WiGig technology.

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60, 72, 90 Hz

Refresh Rate Supported

1832 x 1920

Resolution Per Eye


LCD Display


Glasses Compatible

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Join the Scravant™ Developer-Exclusive Membership community for a one-time fee of $35 and enjoy a lifetime of great deals and products.


Scravant™ Developer-Exclusive Membership has its perks, such as our monthly giveaways where we choose 10 members every month to test and enjoy some of the greatest and latest VR tech available on our planet.


Being in the VR tech industry for over a decade now we made a lot of great partners and get limited realeses all the time so we launched Scravant™ to create a marketplace community where we don’t profit–Yes that’s right, we cut out profits to zero so you can enjoy true passion without overpriced sales.


Rest easy not worrying about any recurring membership fees or cancelations because there are none. That’s the beauty of our one-time fee system. Questions? Concerns? Our world class Services-Specific Pros are here for you –



External tracking. Precise movements. Elite performance for PC-VR gamers.

Development shouldn’t be a hassle especially when we’re the ones doing the creation of motive around the structural endowment of which the basis of creation is woven upon. Why are we punished for enjoying the process of creation? No longer are we to pay for our purpose of skill-share when we’ve finally gotten a platform marketplace where we all -as developers can afford to create in peace, without cutting into hardware budgets.


Founder, Mcferrin

PC-VR for elite gaming.

See the finer details in VR games.
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Next-Level Hardware
Next-Level Hardware
Redesigned Controllers
Redesigned Controllers
PC VR Compatible
PC VR Compatible
Easy Setup
Easy Setup

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